Hello, my name is Ella and I am a visual artist/designer based in rainy Victoria BC, Canada.

I was born with a profound bilateral hearing impairment and have worn hearing aids for my entire life. From a young age I was drawn to visual communication because it made the most sense to me and it still does today.

For me a successful illustration and design communicates an idea effectively in an engaging way that is also visually appealing—which yes, is somewhat subjective. By no means have I mastered this, but it is something that I am constantly thinking about when I create my work.

Playfulness is important to me. Am I enjoying the process of creating? If I am not, I could be! Playfulness allows me to learn and expand my ability to create great work. Sometimes playfulness is taking a break and cycling around town picking blackberries and smearing juice-clad fingers over paper. Sometimes playfulness is dancing like David Byrne while making delicious beet burgers. Sometimes playfulness is watching Photoshop technique tutorials and putting my own spin on things. Play inspires my creative process.

I am currently working on documenting new work, which is why this site looks a bit sparse.